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Who is Dream Team Hiring Lab For

  • Visionary CEO

    You have a BIG vision to grow your business is right in front of you and you know having the right team is KEY to stepping into the visionary CEO role to get you there.

  • Difference Maker

    You have a message and solution that is transform lives and want to amplify your impact and help even MORE people.

  • High-Achiever

    You are aligned in purpose and are ready to play even BIGGER. You are strategic, smart, and go for the gold in whatever you do. Your standards are high and you want A-players who also aim high.

  • Want to Scale

    The name of the game is SCALE. You have BIG plans and don't have time to waste on costly hiring mistakes. You want a trustworthy team who will give you space to be in your zone of genius.

  • Growth-Minded

    Anything is possible - you're a living testimony of it and the journey has just begun. You understand, there is no such thing as failure, only the lesson you can learn from it. You want to grow as a CEO and leader of an amazing team.

  • Family First

    You're doing all of this also for your family. You put the most important things first, you want to provide them the best of everything including your time, attention, and be an example of what's possible.

Run don’t walk to Teresa if you want to grow your business in ways you’ve never even dared to imagine!

Alisha Grogan

Founder, Your Kids Table

Teresa knows her stuff! If it weren't for her help, I would not have my amazing Marketing Assistant.

Laurie Colvin Wright

Founder, Not Your Average Grandma

I had wonderful people practically begging to work with me!

Corey Little

CEO, Corey Little Coaching

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